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  • [MOP43OJ] Beige V-neck One Piece
    Brand Jersey is a good place to get off the wall
    The slim and slim fit is really comfortable.
    Brand item One-piece sales 1st place 3rd orderer
  • [MBL56KM D] Aqua Flower printing Blouse
    Heavenly sky Slim and slender feminine and luxurious ~
    It matches both skirts, denim and pants feminine.
    Notice of simultaneous order delivery
  • [MBL60KM] Givenchy color combination snowflake Blouse
    The sky is one printing chiffon, the back is easy Cooling jersey material color
    It is too light, yet easy fits 55/66/77
    Order rush delivery notice
275ea item list
상품 정렬
  • [NPT93GJ] Timeless chic cotton SLEX
    $135.93 -> $129.14
    Fit down to the bottom of the body while covering the body
    It is so easy and luxurious. ~ 55/66/77
  • [NPT91GJ] Miya Pleats Tong Pants
    $66.68 -> $63.41
    Branded products ~ Can be compared with affordable products can not 55 / 66-77
    A cool, luxurious touch with a spatious material while shredding
  • [MBL66JM] Tea By Pleats Blouse
    Perfect Quality Original price 500,000 won
    Only 30 pieces were put on. Reorder absolutely can not !! [ISK10U2large]
  • [ISK10U2large] large Tori Wings Skirt
    $159.02 -> $151.07
    Luxury fits slimly in the sky and high-grade poly-material
  • [MBL65U2 egg] Almassik look Blouse
    After a heavenly sky,
    Premium line material itself is perfect Perfect quality
    Simultaneous update and simultaneous ordering
  • [MOP70KY] Erushia printing One Piece
    Imported silk chiffon printing silk chiffon material original price 2 million won
    The collection value is 200% primium line ~
    Order congestion
  • [MOP69P274] La Beige A-Pit Long Linen One Piece
    Brand linen with different price touch.
    Though it seems simple, it is luxurious with long ~ one cap.
  • [OCTP23YC] Marju Pleats Shoulder Tee
    It is easy to wear coolly, but like a blouse,
    Pleats are stylishly pointed with color detailing.
  • [MBL63PJ] Mime shoulder point Henley neck Blouse
    Wearing feeling is too light and comfortable Price is different Brand quality
    Good line for skirts and pants as well as feminine and fashionable
    Order run-up update and concurrent reorder input
BEST 010
  • [OCTP20S2] Benjamin Magic Slim Summertime
    55/66/77 Released Summer lecture Cotton 100%
    One size will be slim and magic pit without any burden ^ ^
BEST 011
  • [MOP67KM le] La Merle H. Pit One Piece
    $127.95 -> $121.68
    A brand-new summer poly
    One size is slim looking Chic minimal line recommended life style ~
    Update and simultaneous order
BEST 012
  • [OCTP21S2] Linen loose fit Stripe tee
    Original Brand Linen 100% elegant stripes
    The pit that falls loosely in the sky loose is pleasant, and Slim ~
    Simultaneous update and simultaneous ordering
BEST 013
  • [OCTP19KM ku] Gutsu Color coordination point Sleeveless shirts Tower
    A neat and minimalist style that matches your pants or skirt.
    Lightweight, Chic fits even better as an office look ~ Released 55/66/77
    Order rush delivery notice
BEST 014
  • [LKN12A2 City] Systematic color combination Summer Knit
    Original Brand Summer Yarn ~ Upscale and cool
    55/66 Release Brand item because it is unique pit
    Order congestion
BEST 015
  • [MOP65OJN] Tori printing Silk One Piece
    Original import printing silk Price different quality prehistoric ~
    It's light and comfortable to wear.
    OJ single line order imported goods different quality ~
BEST 016
  • [MBL61YC Blur] Purple Love Linen Blouse
    Tone down purple color calm, intelligent yet feminine
    It is a very luxurious linen with touch feeling of color with imported material ~
    Notice of simultaneous order rush delivery with update
BEST 017
  • [NPT80U2 ah] back straight Straight SLEX
    The original brand material Pitt that fell without wrinkle Art ~
    It is completely slim with different pits and Chic silhouette is finished.
BEST 018
  • [MOP62GJ Bean] Bottega Linen Shirt Type One Piece
    Simple, sophisticated yet classical and sophisticated.
    A loose downdown pit perfectly covers the body
    Notice of simultaneous order delivery
BEST 019
  • [MOP52PJ Ta] Timeless Hole Mill One Piece
    Japanese imports Summer wheat material Lightweight, yet slightly different texture
    It seems to be slim for one year with really high grade touch without wrinkle ~
    Simultaneous update and simultaneous ordering
BEST 020
  • [MOP61KY] Prestige printing Belty One Piece
    Primium is a light and stylish material is full of luxury and cool
    Elegant but covering the body line ~
    Order rush delivery notice
BEST 021
  • [MOP59M2] Isabel primium jump suit
    Silhouette chiffon material, a silhouette of the sky, the finest materials outstanding
    The original 800,000 won leg is a real road ~ ~
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